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Frequently Asked Questions
Good Questions To Ask Your Slipcover Company
What You Need To Know About Ready-Made Slipcovers

Frequently Asked Questions
Q - How to find a great fabric for your slipcover.

Suzy - Before you decide on a fabric, consider the use the furniture will get. A slipcover in a family room where kids watch movies and munch on popcorn will get stained, so you want a fabric that will wash easily.

If you want a tailored, upholstered look, select a synthetic upholstery fabric. If you like the classic summer cover look, choose cotton or linen. See ideas at FABRIC SAMPLES.

Ff you like a soft, slightly rumpled slipcover, we suggest you choose a cotton. If you prefer a clean tailored appearance, choose a synthetic or a blend.

Q - How can you get a great fit by mail order?

Suzy - We take pride in the quality and fit of our mail order slipcovers. We work by sending you a simple chart that shows the measurements we require and then you just email them to us. Our ten years of measuring for slipcovers has taught us where to measure and we will work with you to make measuring simple!

Q - How long before delivery of my slipcover?

Suzy - Delivery of your slipcover is usually within 3-6 weeks. Note that it's worth ordering in advance so that we can schedule your slipcover job in because different times of year can be busier than others.

  Good Questions To Ask Your Slipcover Company
Q - Do you pre-wash fabric and piping for shrinkage?

Suzy - If the company doesn't pre-wash the fabric, you will have to dry clean the cover. Note that Suzy Slipcover always pre-washes our fabric.

Q - Can I buy my own fabric?

Suzy - Yes, but note that we may have to charge extra labour for your fabric. We know our fabrics so we can set the labour prices easily. You will have to show us a sample of the fabric in advance before we agree to terms.

Q - What is the process for measuring the furniture?

Suzy - The less information the company requires, the worse the slipcover fit will be. It is impossible to make a fitted slipcover with 3 or 4 measurements. When ordering a slipcover from Suzy Slipcover we provide specific measurement sheets based on photos that you provide, with about ten easy to follow measurements required.

Q - Ask yourself: Does this company understand interior design and follow current home decor trends? Can I trust them to make design decisions?

Suzy - At Suzy Slipcover, we take pride in understanding our customers and their design needs. We work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction.

  What You Need To Know About Ready-Made Slipcovers, Furniture Covers and Surefit
Surefit Slipcover Problem 1 One size never fits all!

Suzy - Ready-made slipcovers, furniture covers and Surefit covers are not what they are cracked up to be. Take a look at internet classified sites such as Kijiji, and you will see that there are lots of sales of discarded ready made slipcovers.

Surefit Slipcover Problem 2 Surefit Slipcover Problem 2
What a disaster!

Suzy - Here are some photos of actual ready-made slipcovers our customers tried, before deciding to go with our mail order or custom made slipcovers.

Suzy Slipcover
A Great Fit!

Suzy - Here is one of our slipcovers, which includes separate pillow covers. Beautiful front and back. Just a handful of measurements means that you have the right slipcover for your furniture, and one that will last season after season.

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